From Generalist Coach to Tech Leader Specialist

Sally Dhillon founded her company Nudge Forward and works with leaders in the tech industry.

We worked together from June 2022 to May 2023

Before working with Jo

I’d worked in coaching for 20 years and was in the process of closing my social enterprise career coaching business I’d run with my business partner for the previous 7 years, and I was starting up my own leadership coaching business.

We had somebody in common in our network who I knew and respected so that was enough for me to sign up for your free workshop. I was drawn to your presentation style, and I felt that you could enhance areas I wasn’t strong in, especially sales and marketing.

Sally’s key points

💹 Decision-making independence:Having the step-by-step training and the time and space to work through it enabled me to gain your input but also be inspired to make my own decisions.

💹 Balance of training and business building: I was completing the B of C programme alongside completing the ILM L7 in Executive Coaching. I was working with coaching clients through my course that were in lots of different sectors from a chief executive of a charity through to an NHS manager. I love working with a variety of people but that’s not enough to be able to market yourself as a coach.

💹 Target audience clarity: At the beginning of September, I was in the generalist leadership camp. The biggest difference the programme has made has been to help me to decide on my niche – leaders in the tech sector ideally in the West Midlands.

💹 Transition from B2C to B2B: The programme also helped me to go from B2C to B2B. That requires a change in the way that I operate and have the business processes set up. I’ve got a consistent message and a specific target market to sell to.

💹 Business model: It’s helped me to realise that business is not always 100% pure coaching. I’ve done associate work and training. I’ve taken on speaking opportunities and am building a business that’s sustainable in the longer term.

💹 Individual support: You’re very open. You provide the structure for the programme but you have got the balance right in terms of supporting individual needs, as well as keeping everybody on track.

💹 Power of community: The group that you have created and the people that you attract onto your programme are hugely supportive. We’ve all got different niches but that same common desire to support people. It was a wonderful group to be part of and you’re a great leader of that, but a leader that’s very authentic and willing to be honest and vulnerable and celebrate your wins and your challenges along the way, which has been lovely to experience.

💹 Post programme sentiments:Now that my time in the group has come to an end, I miss it. It’s left a hole as there was something very special about the group you have created.

What’s your biggest takeaway from the programme?

My biggest takeaway is knowing that I’m not alone. Starting out a new business having had experience of running my own business in the past a couple of times over, means that I know it can be quite a lonely experience.

My biggest takeaway has been not doing it alone. I’ve loved having you and an amazing group of supporters and champions that I’m doing it with alongside with.

What’s next for you? 

I’ve recently micro niched into tech leaders in the West Midlands so I’ll be running some training programmes as well as tailoring my coaching packages to suit the needs of the region right now.

Who would you recommend the programme to? 

I would recommend the programme to anybody who is working as a coach and wants to up their game, particularly to strengthen their sales and marketing muscles.

Becoming a qualified coach doesn’t teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur … and that’s what Jo has helped me to become. She does it in a kind, generous, compassionate way that is thoroughly enjoyable and motivating.

Would you like to gain the love and support you need to make it happen?

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