Ever think it won’t work for you?

Think there is nothing that can be done and you can’t achieve the same success as others as it’s more difficult for you and your circumstances?

I used to feel the same. I felt that I could never be as confident as all these people who had a lovely upbringing and went to great schools.

As a child I lived above a pub and nightclub which my parents ran in London. Amongst all the fun (as I perceived it at the time) there was a lot of aggression, fights and fear. My school was also fuelled by fear – a place where you had to stay small, pretend you didn’t know anything and definitely NOT do your homework.

So I kept that behaviour for a long time; playing small, laying low, and feeling fearful.

Through my journey over the last year or so of being coached, plus qualifying as a coach, I have learnt so much!

I now have no excuses. I empower myself with being impeccable with my words and thoughts, which feed into my behaviours and actions, and ultimate success.

So it means so much to me to work with others to design the life that they want to live and to let go of all that baggage they don’t need to carry anymore.




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Hello and welcome! I’m Joanna Lott, and I’m passionate about empowering qualified coaches like you to build brilliant businesses.