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converting your coaching clients

Converting Your Coaching Clients – Understand Their Mindset

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: The Buyer’s Journey
  2. Stage 1: Unaware
  3. Stage 2: Problem Aware
  4. Stage 3: Solution Aware
  5. Stage 4: Product Aware
  6. Crafting an Irresistible Message
  7. Building Relationships with Organisations
  8. Leveraging Educational Selling
  9. Utilising a Multi-Touch Approach
  10. Establishing Strategic Partnerships
  11. Conclusion

Introduction: The Buyer’s Journey

Understanding the mindset of your potential clients is the key to converting your coaching clients.  Whether individuals or organisations, is crucial to turning their initial interest into a solid investment. This understanding revolves around the buyer’s journey, a process that encompasses several distinct stages.

Stage 1: Unaware

At this initial stage, your potential client is oblivious to their own problems and pains, and they have no idea how you can help them. They may be going through life on autopilot, unaware that there might be an option to live a happier life.

Stage 2: Problem Aware

During this stage, your potential client recognises their issue. They might feel unhappy or dissatisfied, but have no clue what to do about it or that solutions exist. It’s at this point that your empathy becomes key. By speaking to their problems, fears, and desires, you can establish yourself as a relatable figure, guiding them towards the next step: solution awareness.

Stage 3: Solution Aware

Now, your potential client knows that solutions to their problems exist. They might have seen your marketing materials or posts, but they’re unsure which option is right for them. This is where your expert guidance comes into play, showcasing the viability of your approach without the hard sell.

Stage 4: Product Aware

At this stage, your potential client understands that you have a viable solution to their problem. Your messaging should now zero in on why your product or service is the ticket to their transformation. This is where strong calls to action, clarifying content, testimonials, and social proof become crucial.

Crafting an Irresistible Message

Crafting a message that converts requires a blend of emotion, logic, and urgency. Weave in stories that your ideal clients can relate to, pinpoint the transformation you can guide them through, and combine it with data-backed results and social proof to cover the logical aspect.

Remember, people buy differently. While some are detail-driven, many buy on emotion backed up by logic. Emotional posts resonate well, but you must also be clear about what you’re selling.

The winning formula is emotional resonance plus logical assurance, combined with timely urgency through limited-time offers or bonuses.

Building Relationships with Organisations

When selling to organisations, building relationships is key – not just with decision-makers, but also with influencers at other levels. The top boss isn’t always the best person to start with, as they may not prioritise your offering.

It’s crucial to:

  • Tailor your solutions to the organisation’s specific needs
  • Actively listen to what they want, rather than pushing your preconceived solutions
  • Leverage case studies and testimonials to showcase tangible results

Here are some tips for building relationships with organisations:

  • Be industry-specific, so you know where to network and position yourself
  • Listen actively to their pain points and priorities
  • Develop bespoke programmes to address their specific needs
  • Showcase case studies and testimonials highlighting tangible results

Leveraging Educational Selling

Most organisations love insights. Position yourself as a thought leader by providing content that speaks directly to their pain points and potential gains, and by sharing industry trends. This establishes you as the go-to expert when they seek solutions.

Utilising a Multi-Touch Approach

Aim to be omnipresent in your potential clients’ orbits. Whether it’s through social media, emails, podcasts, or physical mail, a multi-touch approach reassures them of your credibility and reliability.

You can use email campaigns to guide them through the awareness stages, providing insights and gradually introducing your offerings.

Here’s an example of how you can structure a multi-touch email campaign:

  1. Awareness: Share industry trends and pain points
  2. Consideration: Provide insights and introduce your offerings
  3. Decision: Highlight your unique selling points and include testimonials
  4. Action: Offer a limited-time bonus or discount to create urgency

Establishing Strategic Partnerships

Forging strategic partnerships can be a powerful tool for reaching potential clients within organisations. Look for complementary service providers, such as trainers or consultants, who work with your ideal clients but don’t offer coaching services.

You could also explore partnerships with professionals your ideal clients are already connected to, such as accountants or contractors. Building these relationships can help you navigate the organisational maze and gain access to new clients.


Converting interested prospects into paying customers requires a deep understanding of their mindset and awareness journey. By crafting irresistible messages that blend emotion, logic, and urgency, and by leveraging educational selling, multi-touch campaigns, and strategic partnerships, you can successfully guide your potential clients through the buyer’s journey, turning their initial interest into a solid investment in your products or services.

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