Change this one thing to get more clients

Today I’m sharing one of my biggest learnings over the past few years to gain more clients.
I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out…
Create ‘go deeper’ opportunities.
Let’s think of it as points mean prizes (aka clients)
  • So say you’re posting on social media – fab – 2 points.
  • You post a video – now they can see what you look and sound like – 3 points
  • You go live – they start to see the real you – 4 points
  • They binge on all of the blog posts you’ve created – excellent, you’ve kept their attention for a while and have shifted their perspective – 5 points
  • They download your freebie (like a lead magnet) – if it’s so valuable it moves them forward you can get – 6 points
  • You go live in front of someone else’s audience – fabulous you have instantly gained borrowed trust – 7 points
  • Now you’re off to meet people in person like a networking event – oooh the connection of face to face – 8 points
  • You’re consistent with your email list every week – you are in their world over the long haul in the place they receive their most important communications – 9 points
  • You host a workshop, challenge, webinar or other ‘connection’ event where you’re the expert – 10 points
So this is not an exact science but you get the picture.
You see how easy it is to miss this?
You’re busy posting but no one has ever seen you on video or live to really get to know who you are!
What’s the first thing you do when you think about hiring someone?
For me it’s go on their social media and try to find a live or video. Binge watch their feed. Check out their blog and website.
Try to find out if I really like them. Try to get a feel as to whether they are the right fit for me.
If you’re not attracting the number of clients you want and suspect this may be why, what is one thing from this list you can do to create a go deeper opportunity?
I’m going live next week in my Facebook group to expand on this so you attract more paying clients.
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