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Challenge Time: £2k in 2 weeks!

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Earn £2k in Two Weeks: A Proven 5-Step Plan to Supercharge Your Coaching Earning Potential

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Set Your Intention
  3. Step 2: Get Your Plan in Place
  4. Step 3: Take Action
  5. Step 4: Close Actively, Not Passively
  6. Step 5: Receive and Celebrate
  7. Be Accountable and Share Your Success


Are you a coach looking to give your income a substantial boost? What if I told you that it’s possible to earn £2k in just two weeks? It might sound ambitious, but after attending a transformative Mastermind in France, I’ve learned first-hand from high-performing business owners that success often comes from putting out a lot of offers. That’s why I’m excited to share this challenge with you today: Boost your coaching earning potential and earn £2k in two weeks!

Step 1:

Set Your Intention The first step to achieving your goal is to set a clear intention. Visualise earning £2k within the next two weeks. Make a note of the deadline, which should be two weeks from today. Concentrate on how you’ll feel when you receive that money. For me, it was envisioning the new front door I wanted for our home. Identify and acknowledge any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that might hold you back, and plan how you’ll overcome them.

Writing down your goal is incredibly powerful, so commit to it by signing it. State: ‘I want to boot my coaching earning potential and earn 2k in 2 weeks’. Declutter your workspace and start doing things that will make you feel like the successful person who will earn £2k in the next two weeks. Public accountability is also crucial, so share your commitment with others.

Step 2:

Get Your Plan in Place Now that you have your vision, it’s time to devise a strategy. Break down your £2k goal into smaller, actionable steps. Will you achieve it through one-to-one coaching or a group programme? Once you know what you’ll sell and how much you need to sell, set a deadline for people to buy your offer.

Consider offering Voxer days, where clients can message you back and forth for a day to work on a specific goal. You could also run in-person events, VIP days, power hours, or deliver tasks from their marketing to-do list. As coaches, we often forget that not everyone has the skills and resources to get everything done, so offering done-for-you services can be highly valuable.

Next, add bonuses to your offer to incentivise people to buy now. While you shouldn’t use false scarcity, a deadline can help people make a decision that benefits them. Finally, allow yourself to realise the value of what you offer and how it can change lives.

Step 3:

Take Action With your intention set and strategy planned, it’s time to take action. Go all-in for the next two weeks and ramp up your visibility. Research shows that people need to see your offer 21 times before they buy, so update your social media banners with your offer and deadline.

If you have an email list, send multiple emails promoting your offer. Engage with your audience by being a helpful presence in Facebook groups, commenting on LinkedIn posts, speaking at events, or offering lunch and learns. Share social proof and create videos, lives, or masterclasses to showcase your expertise.

The key is to get your offer in front of as many people as possible through various channels. Remember, you’re not just putting it out there once and forgetting about it – you’re going all-in for the next two weeks.

Step 4:

Close Actively, Not Passively Many people make the mistake of putting out their offer with a big fanfare and then going quiet when they don’t see immediate results. That’s not what you’re going to do. Over the next two weeks, you’ll close actively and show up consistently.

As your deadline approaches, remind your audience about the opportunity to change their lives. Anticipate and address their objections by creating content that overcomes their doubts. Reach out to those who have engaged with you and ask for their feedback on why they didn’t buy. Many sales come down to the last day, so don’t back out – keep sending emails and content reminders about your deadline.

Step 5:

Receive and Celebrate Regardless of the outcome, you’ve already succeeded by going all-in and applying yourself fully to this process. It’s time to celebrate the work you’ve put in over the past two weeks. Relax, unwind, and tune into yourself through activities like meditation or exercise.

Reflect on what went well and what you might do differently next time. Express gratitude to yourself for showing up for your goal and helping to change lives.

Here’s a list of ways you can celebrate and reflect on your accomplishments:

  • Treat yourself to a special meal or activity
  • Write in a gratitude journal
  • Take a relaxing walk in nature
  • Schedule a self-care day
  • Review your goals and set new ones for the future

Be Accountable and Share Your Success I encourage you to take on this challenge and share your commitment with me. Message me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or through my website with your chosen goal and deadline. I’ll follow up with you in two weeks to see how you’ve done and celebrate your success!

Remember, anything is possible when you set a goal and truly go for it. So, why not take the first step towards supercharging your coaching business today? I can’t wait to hear about your journey and achievements.

Be accountable and share with me!

Message me on LinkedIn or on Instagram or contact me via my website if you are going to take up this challenge to boost your coaching earning potential.
I would love to hear what you’ve chosen as your goal and your deadline. Use the power of accountability and share with me!
I will then follow up with you in two weeks time to see how you got on.
Talk to you soon! Jo

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