Case Study: Tracy secured high profile paid speaking

Tracy Sharp is the founder of Sharp Minds. She’s a coach and mentor for women in engineering and design and an advocate for diversity in these industries.

We worked together from May 2022 to March 2023.

Before working with Jo…

I was randomly posting social media. I was a bit all over the place with my message. I had no real idea about how to gather momentum in my business.

I’d done some free coaching of friends but nothing else was really happening until I joined The Business of Coaching.

Tracy’s Key Points

💹 I’ve got clear on my message and how to send the message out. I learnt the cadence that is needed when you’re releasing something new.

💹 I’ve learnt how to get three different lead funnels up and running. It was step by step on how to do this as well as how to publicise them.

💹 My LinkedIn profile is looking awesome. I’ve revamped my website and I’m clear on my message.

💹 I’ve done four different webinars and you’ve given a step by step guide on how to run and fill your webinar so I can advocate for diversity in inclusion in the industry.

💹 I’ve learnt what’s really needed to build up your followers on LinkedIn and have gone from 600 connections to 3000 connections.

💹 My top three high profile paid speaking appearances have been with Unilever, Shark Ninja and Brunel University. I’m about to do my second workshop with Shark Ninja and it’s my highest ticket thing yet. I’m also going to be providing group coaching to over 40 people.

💹 Through the connections I’ve built up, I’ve gained an associate coaching opportunity with an American organisation called Task Human.

💹 I’ve got a foot in the door with the big players in the industry and I feel really proud and excited to become an ally for women and the positive message that comes with that too. I’ve positively impacted women in engineering through my seminars and in-person workshops.

💹 In March 2023 I did four different appearances at universities. So not only am I impacting positively impacting people in the workplace, but I’m also positively impacting people in university before they go into the workplace as well. I’m sharing the message about mental health, the importance of values and what I learned along the way. I’ve also talked at schools.

💹 I’m mentoring women globally in design and I’ve gained paid mentorship work for startups.

💹 I’ve blended coaching tother with all the other areas I’m interested in to positively impact people.

💹 I’ve learnt all the mechanisms that are essential in the sales and marketing machine (that I had zero idea about before), and I’ve also loved the group coaching and community.

💹 The community was something I hadn’t really valued before but now I want to shout it from the rooftops! It’s so important. Without The Business of Coaching, I would have given up a long time ago.

💹 I’ve sucked The Business of Coaching dry of the immense value it had to offer. Alongside that, there’s the real camaraderie, support and understanding of us all going through that journey which is so essential.

💹 The people that you bring into the circle are wonderful people. I’m still friends with so many people from the programme. I talked to Lara on the phone yesterday. I met Natasha a couple weeks ago in the pub. I met Kirsty the day before she went away. I met Lorraine in Scotland. I almost met Sally in London yesterday. It’s been a real pleasure to be part of and I’ve built solid relationships.

What are you looking forward to next?

💹 I’m excited to blend my coaching together with work on inclusive design. I’m going to be surrounded by people who are passionate about inclusivity, design and leadership.

💹 I’m coaching and mentoring small businesses and scale-ups.

💹 I’ll also be maintaining appearances to promote inclusive cultures and cultivating a programme about this for businesses. I’ve also got an interesting partnership which could be exciting.

💹 I’ll be continuing my podcast to blend my skills and passions on coaching as well as the design process.

What would you say to anyone considering joining The Business of Coaching?

I would recommend it to a coach who’s been in their business for somewhere between 6-12 months +.

If you’re struggling to find momentum. Struggling to get the right tools or are not sure what to do in terms of the sales and marketing machine.

If you’re looking for support – mentally and philosophically. If you’re feeling isolated in your coaching business and working on your own – then join this group of amazing women who are incredibly supportive. It will give you all the mechanisms that you need to get your business up and running in a focused and controlled way.

What should others know about Jo? 

Jo’s just the best.

You’re incredibly passionate. You’re Incredibly well informed. You practice what you preach. You’re constantly learning and share what you’ve learned as well. You’re incredibly open and the door is always open.

There are regular opportunities not only on the learning and supporting side of things, but the tech side as well. It ticks all the boxes.

I really loved the community for the regular reflection. I learned that we’re not alone and we we’re empowered and supported.

And you are incredibly positive, but also understanding and empathetic.

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