Case Study: Kate grew her audience to 70K and became fully booked

Meet Kate. A leadership coach with a genius sense of humour.

What made you want to work with Jo?

I did a lot of research and had a week of discovery calls with people, a bit like Jo – but not really like Jo at all. When I evaluated them all I realised I needed the step-by-step guide and the support of someone holding my hand, but also a community where we could be there to support each other.

I signed up to The Business of Coaching with Jo in September and it’s been everything I was hoping for and more. So much so I’ve decided to continue working with Jo beyond the initial 6 months.

What was the experience like?

Overwhelmingly positive, uplifting, encouraging, supportive and fun. Everything that I could have hoped for. The other people in the group are just brilliant. We support each other. We refer work to each other.

Jo is not only there guiding us, but she’s there modelling it for us. She’s very open to showing us potential as well as the struggles. It’s inspiring.

It’s given me the confidence to speak up and not be worried about what people will think. I market on LinkedIn and have recently been using TikTok. Even though TikTok is not something Jo specifically covers in her programme all the guidance translates to how you personally want to market. Show up. Remember your audience.

What specific results have you achieved?

✅ Three new clients have signed up and paid for their coaching programme. I’ve got eight discovery calls booked this week and following up from two promising calls from last week.

✅ I’ve gained the clarity and confidence to be visible and hyper niche. I have a clear message and offer.

✅ My audience has grown to 25K followers in just a few months which is generating consistent discovery calls, which convert into clients.

✅ My next step is to launch a group programme now I’ve grown my audience enough to fill one.

[Update 6 months later (September 2023) Kate has 70K followers, 1 million views, is fully booked for her 1:1 coaching and filled her group leadership programme with 24 brilliant leaders]. 

Would you recommend working with Jo?

Yes! Do it. . . Just get on with it. Don’t hesitate. Just like as coaches, we say to prospective clients – it’s hard to do this on your own.

You need a champion. You need a support network. You need an accountability buddy. You need someone to challenge you. You need someone modelling it for you.

With this programme, you have all of that as well as step-by-step instructions. If you’re nervous about niching, or tech, or if you’re prone to chasing after the next shiny thing then this is a great programme for you, because you get the step-by-step instructions and it’s brilliant.

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