Case Study: Julia Got Clear And Got Her First High-Paying Client

Meet Julia. A career coach who uses her L7 ILM Executive Coaching qualification to help professionals get into work they love.

What made you want to work with Jo?

I was inundated with adverts saying, “We can get you clients – we can make six figures.”. After being qualified for about two years, I felt a little stuck.

The process of qualifying was a big wake up call for me. You finally qualify, but you don’t know what to do next. I had no idea what to do next. Jo understood this feeling, believed in me and more importantly I felt I could trust her.

What was the experience like?

It was a pleasure working with Jo. She was very open, honest, and available. Every time I contacted her, I got a thorough response, based on what I was asking. She was always there for me, that support was very comforting.

I now understand my niche, offer and marketing. I know exactly how I can support people. Finding my niche was a huge moment and I know exactly how I can make a difference. I developed the ability to be visible. That was something I had shied away from before. I learned to stay in my own lane,  gained knowledge of how to structure myself and my offer. I learned how to navigate LinkedIn, as well as Canva, Mailerlite,

As I learned how to hold discovery calls, my first one felt comfortable. I saw her light bulb moment, and she said, “That’s why I need a coach.”.

As a novice, I came into the programme committed to learning, and there is nothing I would throw away from this programme. I have gained a new confidence, which has allowed me to grow as a person.

What specific results have you achieved?

✅ I developed my own signature programme and gained my first paying client.

✅  I identified my niche, my message, offer and knowledge of exactly how to market

✅  I have been posting regularly on Linkedin and Instagram platforms being more visible which was something I resisted.

My next steps are to appear on a podcast and consider working with organisations

Would you recommend working with Jo?

It is a pleasure to recommend Jo to any qualified coach. The Business of Coaching program offers some really exciting insights and support that will undoubtedly benefit anyone in this field. There are many valuable add-ons, including the exceptional Positive Intelligence Mindset program. The group is phenomenal, and the calls are both informative and friendly.

Throughout the program, you are fully supported in every aspect, with access to assistance via calls, email, and the community. You are never left to navigate the program alone. As coaches, we understand the importance of having a support system, and this course truly delivers on that front.

Personally, I have found support to be exceptional and always felt that I had someone to turn to whenever I needed help. Whether it’s an email or an accountability partner, support is always there when you need it. I can confidently say that this program has helped me achieve success, and I am grateful for the experience.

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