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Case Study: How Kate became fully booked using TikTok

Unlock Your Coaching Business Success: Kate’s Inspiring Journey

My client, Kate Waterfall Hill, did just that and the coaching business success she is having is a true inspiration for anyone wanting to become a fully booked coach.

Kate joined my Business of Coaching programme last September.

Having worked with her for nine months now, I’ve seen what true commitment and hard work can help you to achieve in your business.

She also blows right out of the water any limiting beliefs about what is possible for a woman of any age.

Many think TikTok is for teenagers but Kate has gone all in on TikTok, saying, “Look what’s possible for a middle-aged woman!”

She has proved that many CEOs and high level people use TikTok – they’ve signed up to leadership coaching from watching her TikTok videos.

You can find her on TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram under katewaterfallhill.

Her TikTok following has grown to 65.4k in just seven months. She has over 2,000 connections on LinkedIn and 7,800 on Facebook.

She is now maxed out on 1:1 coaching, and is currently filling her Group Programme.

Kate has also received several paid sponsorship opportunities – if you follow her, you’ll see why!

It is her unwavering commitment that has got her here and her story is hugely motivational.

I loved our case study conversation…

Jo: Thank you so much for taking the time to reflect on your journey, Kate. You’ve been with me in the Business of Coaching programme for around six months now. I’m super excited to talk to you today and reflect on the progress you have made in six months.

Kate: Absolute pleasure to be here, thank you for having me!

Jo: So tell me, before you joined, where were you on your coaching journey?

Kate: I was relatively early. I’d been going around the houses for about six months. Concentrating on Instagram for some reason. I’m not sure why, because I’m a leadership coach. Actually, I didn’t know that then. I thought I was an executive coach. I didn’t really have a niche, I just wanted to help as many people as possible. I started off with midlife coaching and then decided I didn’t want to do that. I was a bit chaotic.

I was signing onto a million free challenges a week.

As you know, when you’re starting out you don’t want to spend any money. I was going from one shiny thing to another, and I realised I needed to focus on something, join a proper programme and commit. Get the support I needed. Me being me, I did a lot of research on what was out there, and spent a week having sales discovery calls with people, including you! Some were promising me leads, others were more about business coaching.

I evaluated them all and I realised that what I really needed was not only guidance and professional support, but also the support of a like-minded cohort who would be there to support each other. So, a community, basically. The community piece alongside practical step by step guides.

Jo: The ‘follow my instructions and it will work’ philosophy!

Kate: Yes, exactly. That’s what I wanted. So when I found that combination in your programme, I signed up to start in September and it’s been absolutely brilliant. It’s been everything I was hoping it was going to be and more.

Jo: You’ve been amazing. You are a model student. You completed 100% of the online training part of the process really quickly.

Kate: I’m a bit of a goody two shoes, so I like following a programme! Also, I’m really tight with money so I wanted to get as much value as I could out of it. I thought I’d better watch every video and do exactly what Jo says. There’s no point going into this half hearted. You’ve got to go all in. And that’s what I’ve done and it’s been absolutely brilliant.

Jo: Amazing! So, tell me, what frameworks or worksheets or video training were the most helpful and how did you apply them to your business?

Kate: Starting at the beginning, probably the niching and the messaging, and just really nailing my offer, the pain points and how you’re taking your clients from hell to heaven, as you describe it in your programme. Being really clear on that.

I’ve niched more and more as the programme’s gone on.

I started off with leadership coach and then I realised that it would be a good idea to make it simple and easy for people to recognise what I was focusing on if I called myself an agency coach on LinkedIn and on my website, as I work with consultancies, agencies, and SMEs.

That doesn’t mean I don’t work with people who aren’t in an agency, but it’s a really good shorthand for people who are, and that’s my background. I used to run an agency, so it makes sense and it’s been really helpful as a simple way of saying what I do, and it means you can get referrals more easily.

So, the niching piece and then the bit about developing a programme. I’ve got a three stage, six month leadership coaching programme. I make that really clear in my sales calls and my proposals so when I get to that part of the discovery call the person really understands what they’re getting.

They want you to tell them what’s going to happen. Not just, “We’re going to do coaching for six months and it’s going to be great.” They need more structure than that, even if it can be flexed.

I also found the sales part of your programme really helpful.

On one of your weekly calls, we role played sales calls with each other in breakout rooms.

Using your tips like saying ‘investment’ rather than ‘cost’ was brilliant. Not making excuses for the price, saying, “I know it sounds expensive.” Just being matter of fact and asking them if anything’s getting in the way of going ahead, and answering any obstacles without being scared to face the money side.

Saying, “Do you want to stay where you are now or do you want to move to where I can get you in six months? And, if you do get there, what will that be worth to you? Is it worth investing that relatively small amount of money to change your life in those six months?”

It’s about having the confidence to be able to say that and if they say that it’s not for them that’s fine. Sometimes, they go away, think about it and reflect and come back, realising they do actually need it.

It’s all been brilliant and it’s given me the confidence to speak up and not be worried about what people think because the people who aren’t interested aren’t your audience and the people who are, are, so that’s fine.

Jo: That’s just reminded me, actually, that on our discovery call you said you were anxious about using LinkedIn. Who’d have thought that, looking at your profile now!

Kate: I know! I went crazy on LinkedIn over that period where you did the Offer to Market. You’ve just got to click on ‘post’ and not worry about it. A few people said to me, you’re all over LinkedIn all the time and, I thought, I’m trying to grow a business, what do you expect! Even if it’s not for them, I’ll be front of mind if they’re talking to someone who is looking for what I’m offering.

And, although TikTok wasn’t one of the channels you suggested, and I just tried it by chance for a bit of fun, I don’t think I’d have done that if I hadn’t had the confidence from this group. I’d remembered from your training to just show up. That your audience will find you if you are visible. Be consistent and be on brand.

All of those things have translated over to TikTok. And my TikTok content has translated back over to LinkedIn. I’m getting more comments and connections on LinkedIn thanks to what I’ve done on TikTok.

Jo: Tell us more about your TikTok content because I think it’s really interesting, especially because you do leadership coaching and I (wrongly!) assumed that your target market wouldn’t be on TikTok and it wouldn’t be where they buy leadership coaching.

Kate: Yes, they are buying, which is absolutely brilliant. I started off in January, for a bit of fun, and I just love doing it! I play this role ‘Bad Manager Linda’ and do comedy skits, showing how not to manage people. I keep them short, about a minute, nice and light and quick.

What I’ve found is that people are recognising themselves or a manager they’ve had, and they’re sharing the videos and having conversations about them and commenting on them, so there’s lots of engagement. People thank me for making them realise what they could be doing better with their teams, like giving them proper briefs so they understand their manager’s expectations.

I want to do meaningful work and serve others, without always being paid for it, so teaching through these TikTok videos feels really good.

Some leaders watch my TikTok videos then contact me saying they recognise they need some leadership coaching, but they don’t want something stuffy and formal and potentially condescending. They can see I have a sense of humour and that working with me would be uplifting and fun, at the same time as getting results.

It’s important to be focused and have clear next steps to move forward with, but you can still have fun, and come away smiling and feeling positive.

Now, two months in, I’ve got three new clients signed and paid for and started on their programme. And, this week, I’ve got eight sales calls and two revisits that look really promising.

In fact, I’ve had more sales from TikTok than from anywhere else combined.

Jo: That’s so impressive. And are they your niche, your agency people, or are they different?

Kate: It’s a mixture. I’ve got a woman based in Australia who is in luxury brand marketing. I’ve had a lot of interest from America and Australia actually. I’ve got someone who is very senior in the NHS. And someone who is a small business owner trying to juggle his leadership style across the different styles of businesses he owns. And quite a few agencies too. I suggest to them that we connect on LinkedIn, then it goes from there. I send them my Calendly link and they book calls.

Jo: Amazing. I think it’s good for people to know that niching isn’t going to destroy your business. There will still be other people that want to work with you too.

Kate: Yes, definitely.

Jo: And how would you describe your experience of us working together?

Kate: Just overwhelmingly positive and uplifting and encouraging and supportive and fun. It’s everything that I could have hoped for, and the other people in the group are just brilliant.

We really support each other and lift each other up.

In fact, I referred somebody to one of our cohort just yesterday. And last week I mentioned another of my cohort in a LinkedIn post because they were more of an expert in that area than me.

The group element has been so powerful I’ve carried on and signed up to your Graduate Programme.

Jo: Yes, you’ve graduated and you’re staying on, which is amazing. What’s next for you? What are your plans over the next six to 12 months?

Kate: I’m just going week to week at the moment, with lots of sales calls. I’d ultimately like to run a three to six month group programme, but first I’m going to run a leadership skills course as a stepping stone to that.

I’ve had this all in mind to do, but you’ve been very open about how hard it can be. You don’t make out it’s all easy and perfect. You share your struggles and ambitions with us, modelling running a coaching business whilst guiding us to run ours. It’s really inspirational.

Jo: That’s great to hear. So many people wait until they’re ready, but that point can often never come. Just do it and see what happens. And what would you say to anyone considering working with me?

Kate: Just get on with it. Don’t hesitate. You know the power of coaching. Just like you tell your prospective clients, it’s hard to do this on your own. You need a support network. You need a champion. You need an accountability buddy. You need somebody challenging you. You need somebody modelling it for you.

With your Business of Coaching programme, people get all of that, and they get step by step instructions which is brilliant if you’re nervous about tech or if you’re prone to chasing the next shiny thing and need to focus.

Jo: Thank you, Kate, and thank you so much for your time. It’s been amazing to hear about your journey and I can’t wait to hear what happens with your eight sales calls this week. And people can google you, ‘Kate Waterfall Hill’, and find all your channels.

Kate: Thank you for everything, Jo. It’s been brilliant.

I hope you gained a lot from hearing about Kate’s journey. She is a pleasure to work with. Do follow her – she’ll cheer you up every day!

Get the love and support you need to make it happen.

If, like Kate, you’d like my help to achieve coaching business success, read more about my Business of Coaching programme.

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