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Case Study: From Burnt-Out HR Director to Profitable Coach

From Burnout to Successful Online Coach within 1 Year

Lorraine Eivers helps HR professionals thrive at work. She worked with me for just over a year. Meet Lorraine:


What made you want to work with Jo?

I was signed-off my HR Director job with severe burnout and I knew I didn’t want to go back to corporate but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had trained as a coach a few years previously for work and saw Jo’s free 5 day challenge. That in itself was full of useful, insightful information and I warmed to Joanna’s authentic, honest and professional style. She wasn’t afraid to show her vulnerability either, which helped make things real for me.

It was an obvious next step to join her programme as I had no experience of setting up a coaching business. If that was what I had achieved in 5 days imagine what I could achieve with her support over the initial 12 weeks of The Business of Coaching programme and beyond.

What was the experience like?

Jo shares her vast knowledge generously. But it’s also fun! There’s a combination of learning, being accountable, and being part of a community, many of whom are now good friends. Jo structures things in an easy way.

Everything you need to be a successful online coach is covered,  from nailing your niche, creating your high-value offer, and what to put on your website and marketing. She has an easy step-by-step process for tech required for things like setting up your lead magnet and email list. You get lifetime access to the portal which I continue to visit when I’m creating a new lead magnet, running a webinar or about to pitch to a corporate.

What specific results have you achieved?

✅ I sold my first coaching package a week after launching my business and grew my client base and audience consistently. I’ve moved from thinking I would coach locally to coaching online both nationwide and globally. I’ve grown from 40 LinkedIn connections to 4300 in 1 year and grew my email list from 0 to over 600.

✅ I have clarity on who I want to work with and how I can help them. I’ve gained the confidence to market my business and the muscle to do this consistently.

✅ The positive intelligence programme Jo includes created huge mindset shifts in my business and life. I’ve spoken at large events and on podcasts. Both things I said I didn’t have the confidence to do previously.

✅ I doubled my prices.

Would you recommend working with Jo?

Definitely. I cannot thank Jo enough for helping to build my understanding of business and supporting me to grow and achieve this much in my first year of business. I trust her completely. She doesn’t over-promise, she over-delivers. Jo will help you to focus on the fundamentals of your business with a supportive and encouraging approach. It was exactly the kind of hand that I needed to hold to launch and grow my business.

Get the love and support you need to make it happen.

If, like Lorraine, you’d like my help with becoming a successful online coach, read more about my Business of Coaching programme.

Hi, I’m Jo, and I’d love to help you on your coaching journey

I spent 20 years in corporate HR but faced challenges balancing work and family. Refusing to settle, I ventured into coaching, seeking financial success aligned with my values. Overcoming limiting beliefs, I developed strategies to attract clients, leading to the creation of my Reliable Results Path.

Now, I support coaches in achieving their goals through my Business of Coaching programme. My values of honesty, personalisation, and courage guide me, fostering a community of impactful coaches who believe in inclusivity and making a difference. More about me




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