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Case Study: Cheryl gained consistent income

Cheryl Thornton coaches female leaders to find their authentic leadership style

How Cheryl Found Her Authentic Leadership Coaching Niche

Cheryl Thornton coaches female leaders to find their authentic leadership style.

She blends this with supporting both large and small organisations through coaching, thought partnering and facilitation.

We worked together from February 2022 to February 2023.

Before working with Jo…

After being employed previously I’d lost my identity. I was so in my own head and I felt completely overwhelmed. I totally underestimated what it would be like to work on my own.

Sheer fear kept making me think… maybe I just need to go back into employment and have a regular wage because this is uncomfortable.

I very quickly realised I needed some help and support.

Cheryl’s Key Points

💹 After feeling so much fear around ‘niche, niche niche!’ prior to working with you, I got super clear on my ideal client. I now feel comfortable and confident with my niche and offer promise.

💹 The community was important to me. To encourage me and have people around me that say ‘Oh yeah I’ve felt like that, let’s just jump on and have a coffee’. There’s no amount of money that can replace that.

💹 I’ve gained lots of one-to-one paying leadership coaching clients. I’ve also coached women to get to senior leadership level.

💹 I’ve secured work with two smaller SMEs doing leadership facilitation, including a six-month programme and one-to-one coaching running alongside that.

💹 I’ve learnt loads in terms of marketing, sales, website, and business building.

💹 I’m now billing monthly so my income is more consistent.

💹 I’ve spoken at various women in business, startup and scale up events

💹 A pivotal piece was identifying that I love problem solving, strategy and the complexity of things, and that equally fills the cup for me. I now bring in my HR experience by mentoring as well as coaching.

💹 My biggest takeaway away was knowing that first ideal client. One thing that you can hang your hat on. Knowing that I’ve got value and I can step forward from there.

💹The programme was good for me because I can lose focus and have shiny object syndrome but I got super focused on my message and measuring stats as well.

💹Money mindset was also key. I’m more logical and I’ve raised my prices. I value the work I put in.

What are you looking forward to next?

I’m looking into how I can make a difference or impact with my leadership coaching in bigger companies. I realised I’ve got something valuable to give.

I’d also love to have my own group programme where I bring my own group of women business leaders together.

What would you say to anyone considering joining The Business of Coaching?

💹I would recommend the programme to coaches at all stages of their journey.

💹Even if you’ve been in business for 5+ years and you’re feeling like you’re really slogging away at it, feeling alone and lost, and maybe giving yourself the message of… but I’ve been doing this for five years why haven’t I got it? Maybe you’re at that cusp of thinking maybe I need to throw the towel in and go back to employment. If you left for a reason but you can’t remember why. This programme will help you.

💹Also, if you are starting out, don’t struggle. Get your crowd quicker and jump on something like this to learn, focus and have that community.

What should others know about Jo? 

You are so open. You share so much and you give way more than I ever expected when I signed on the dotted line to join you.

If there’s something you can help with that will start you off, you’ll share that.

You genuinely care and you show that through everything that you do.

The analogy I give is… you’re a ship at sea and the storm comes in, but you’ve got that safe haven to come back to and people that will look out for you and catch you. That’s how it felt.

You’re accepting. You are where you are. Let’s do something with that. That’s a real gift because you don’t feel like there’s any judgment. You make it very safe place to come every week.

You get to know everyone as an individual. You could spot when I was procrastinating and challenge my thoughts about what is urgent and what step I could take right now. There’s real power in that and I couldn’t have done that on my own because I’d just go around in another circle.

The group promotes a feeling of belonging. Like…yes I’ve got my group. That helped me to find my identity and give me a safe haven.

Get the love and support you need to make it happen.

If, like Cheryl, you’d like my help to learn how to grow your coaching business, make a difference AND make a living, read more about my Business of Coaching programme.

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