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Have you ever wondered if social media actually generates clients?

Then this episode is for you.

Jo Lott introduces her client Kate Hill, who has achieved remarkable success in her coaching business by going all in on her strengths.

Kate talks through her journey using platforms like TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, where she has amassed a significant following and attracted high-level professional leadership coaching clients.

Kate highly recommends working with Jo for anyone considering it.

The power of TikTok for business [01:18] Kate Hill’s success in using TikTok for her coaching business, reaching CEOs and high-level professionals.

The benefits of joining a coaching program [02:41] Kate Hill shares her experience of joining Jo Lott’s coaching program and the positive impact it had on her business.

The importance of niching and sales pitch [05:34] Kate discusses the significance of niching down and developing a clear sales pitch, which helped her attract clients and increase her confidence in sales calls.

Using TikTok for Comedy Skits and Engaging with Viewers [09:42] Kate Hill discusses how she uses TikTok to create comedy skits that resonate with viewers and spark conversations.

Getting Sales and Clients from TikTok [10:29] Kate shares her success in generating sales and acquiring new clients through TikTok, surpassing other marketing channels.

Diverse Clientele and Niche Coaching [11:29] Kate talks about her clients, including a luxury brand marketer, a senior NHS professional, and small business owners, emphasising the importance of niching while still attracting a variety of clients.

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