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Jo Lott interviews her client Emma Marinos about her experience in Jo’s Elevate program and how it helped grow Emma’s coaching business.


00:00 – Introduction and podcast overview

01:00 – Introduction of guest Emma Marinos and background on the Elevate program

02:00 – Emma describes her coaching business and reasons for joining Elevate

03:00 – Most helpful aspects of the program, including creating a signature solution document

04:00 – How the program helped Emma be more proactive in her business

05:00 – Changes in Emma’s workload and business as a result of the program

06:00 – Shift in perspective on client relationships

07:00 – Emma’s experience working with Jo in the program

09:00 – How the program opened up future possibilities for Emma’s business

10:00 – Emma’s biggest takeaways from the Elevate program

11:00 – Mindset changes Emma experienced

12:00 – Emma’s goals for the future of her business

13:00 – Who Emma would recommend the program to

15:00 – Where to find Emma online

16:00 – Jo’s key takeaways from the conversation

17:00 – Information on Jo’s upcoming Signature Solution program

18:00 – Closing thoughts

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