Joanna Lott Coaching

63 | 6 Lucrative Coaching Niches: Finding Your Profitable Niche

Let’s explore the most lucrative and profitable coaching niches to help you find your niche sweet spot. Jo emphasises the importance of getting niche-specific to attract clients motivated to pay for solutions to their real problems. She dives into six promising niches – business, executive/leadership, financial, career, life, and relationships – sharing high-level strategies for […]

62 | No Excuses: Developing the Whatever-It-Takes Mindset

Jo gets tough and challenges coaches to adopt a “no excuses” whatever-it-takes mindset, especially in the early years of building their business. She shares the importance of hustle periods, taking imperfect action, being resourceful about generating income, and operating with a relentless determination to find a way to make your coaching business thrive no matter […]

61 | The Overlooked Profit Multiplier: How to Create Your Signature Coaching Framework

Let’s discuss the often overlooked importance of creating your own signature coaching framework. Jo provides a step-by-step process for developing a unique methodology that can help you stand out in your niche, command higher rates, streamline your delivery, and elevate your expertise. Show Notes [00:00:00] Jo starts by highlighting three key reasons why coaches should […]

60 | Storytelling Secrets to Attract Coaching Clients

This episode dives deep into the powerful role that storytelling can play in attracting coaching clients and building a successful coaching business. Joanna discusses the psychological reasons why stories resonate so deeply with us as humans, tapping into our emotions and creating a sense of connection and relatability. She explains the “hero’s journey” narrative arc […]

59 | 5 Things My Mosts Successful Clients Have In Common

Here are 5 key mindsets that Jo sees in her most successful coaching clients. Drawing from her firsthand experience guiding clients to build brilliant businesses, Jo reveals the powerful mental traits and approaches that allow her top clients to achieve at the highest levels. Whether you’re a coach, entrepreneur or simply striving to up-level your […]