Annual Review for 2023 – A year of growth

Joanna Lott The Coaches Coach

It’s 1 December 2023. I’m at a Mastermind day in Dorridge and am blessed with some time to think.

As a coach you’ll know that this isn’t a gift that comes around often enough.

Every year since starting my business in 2020, I’ve written an annual review. I feel so happy that I’ve done this as it’s a great way to reflect on my progress and challenges.

It’s also a great way of sharing an honest real-life version of events for other coaches starting or growing their own businesses.


At the end of 2022, I set ‘Support’ as my word for 2023.

I did seek out a lot of support this year in terms of several coaches and a wellbeing practitioner. I also sought support in terms of a VA, Social Media manager and Facebook Ads manager.

I still need far more support as my client base has grown massively this year. I have a strong desire to create a space for my clients that is personalised, challenging and loving.

There are a lot of generic business programmes out there that don’t provide the feedback and support required to apply knowledge to their individual business. Mine is not one of them.

And to ensure that continues to be the case I’m excited to be seeking out even more support in 2024 to deliver and even more exceptional client experience to my wonderful clients.


The following are the three main questions that I ask myself and my clients every Friday and yearly if it’s part of an end of year review:

What am I proud of?

What could be even better and what did I learn?

What are my priorities for next week (or year if it’s an annual review)?



You’ll see in my 2022 review that these were the intentions I set for 2023:

1. I want to uplevel my brand and invest in a truly aligned brand for 2023. 

I am so pleased to look back and say I did this! I worked with Jane McGrath to create a brand that truly encompasses me and my community. It feels beautiful and truly aligned.

I worked with the inspiring Vicki Knights to gain some incredible photos which fit perfectly into my new brand.

2. I want to launch a podcast. I have so many ideas and don’t always have an outlet for them. It would be AMAZING to create something to share these ideas and inspiration to help coaches make progress in their business.

Gosh this is going well so far! I launched my podcast Women in the Coaching Arena in March 2023 and it’s the best thing I ever did.

I love sharing my learnings to help more coaches get clients so they can make a difference. The listener numbers have grown every month and I cannot imagine how wonderful it will be to continue to see it grow.

picture of podcast downloads growth


3. I started a book in 2022 to help coaches to start, grow and scale their businesses. I need to get it over the line this year! 

…Umm…I did start a book and didn’t get it over the line! But I did create a Coaches’ Planner this year which is utterly beautiful thanks to Nicole Rousay who designed it for me.

You can download a free fillable version of the planner here or buy a shiny copy of The Coaches’ Planner on Amazon.

Jo holding coaches planner

4. I want to get way better at time blocking. To utilise my time effectively so I truly can switch off when I pick the kids up from school. 

Still working on this one. I know that time is our most precious resource so this is a game changer. I am determined to continue mastering this in 2024.

5. Given my absolute love of group coaching, this year I aim to launch a programme to show others how I did it. Women making more money in less time is a real passion for me. Whether you’ve got kids or not, women are often the main carer in their families and that means less time to make a living. 

Ahh slightly late on this one but plans are underway to launch this in Q1 and I’m sooo excited to help women make more money, in less time.


I’m proud of each one of my brilliant clients.

I’ve worked with 41 people in the Business of Coaching in 2023 and 14 additional people in my programme Offer to Market. I worked with a handful of one-to-one clients.

My clients have achieved some huge success stories this year. I am so blessed to work with the most amazing, strong and courageous women (and a few men!).

Just this moment as I write this reflection, I’ve received a thank you voice note from my client, Kate Hill, a leadership coach client.

Her voice note said:

“I’m on a planning workshop and we had to pick one person to say thank you to for their help in 2023. I pick you. Thank you for your support. I don’t know what it is about you but knowing that you’re there is a good feeling. I can’t explain it at all. And I wouldn’t have got here without you for sure – 100%. Thank you.”

Which is crazy because she would have! Kate has worked so hard to gain all the success she has achieved and it’s been an inspiration to see.

But to hear the difference I can make, on coaches who are going on to create an even bigger difference in the world, is the exact reason why I do this work.

Jo with clients in London

I’m pleased with how consistent I’ve been this year in terms of my audience growth.  Regular LinkedIn connecting has been a huge win.

The best thing I have done this year for marketing is launched my podcast Women in the Coaching Arena in March 2023. I’ve published an episode weekly without fail and had so much positive feedback.

Facebook ads are something I’ve done for the first time this year to grow my email list. It’s nice seeing my email list grow although there is a lot of nurturing to do with people who don’t know you a little already.

I’ve become far more consistent thanks to my social media manager. I still create my own posts in the moment as that’s vital to get the immediate energy behind them to truly connect with your network.


In terms of work-life, balance, time and energy. I am pretty tired.

I have really ramped up my visibility in this final quarter. I’ve held a webinar, then an in-person event, and next week I’m running a workshop. This takes a lot of energy. But I love running live workshops.



I have read a lot of books.

1. The E-myth, Michael Gerber

2. The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker

3. The Business of Stories, Susan Payton

4. Why has no-one told me this before, Dr Julie Smith

5. Work Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard, Chloe Myers

6. Diary of a CEO, Stephen Bartlett

7. A key person of influence, Daniel Priestly

8. Wish you were here, Jodie Picoult

9. Content Fortress, Martin Huntback and Lyndsay Cambridge

10. The gap in the middle, Carol Devney

11.  Measure What Matters, Michael Doerr

12. Super Attractor, Gabby Bernstein

13. The Midnight Library, Matt Haig

14. The house we grew up in, Lisa Jewell

15. Things I want my daughters to know, Elizabeth Noble

16. The Daughters Secret, Eva Holland

17. Better days will come, Kittle O’Neill


I’ve worked with several coaches this year.

Gemma Gilbert through her programme Amplify and Mastermind.

Most recently I’ve joined a Mastermind with Phil Harrison to ramp up my visibility so that will be interesting in 2024.

I worked with Juliet Whyte who does EFT and parts work so we’ve worked on the deeper personal work of life and entrepreneurship.

I continued to work with Nick Harris MCC. It’s been over 4 years now. He helps me become a better coach and person.

I’ve invested a lot of money and time in my business and in myself. The best ever investment you can make is in yourself and it has paid off for me 10-fold.


I’ll be 45 in a few months and I’m most definitely noticing some hormone changes.

I’ve kept up my daily yoga which is a godsend. But my health really needs to become a cornerstone for 2024.


I’ve kept it super simple this year with my core Business of Coaching programme, plus one other programme Offer to Market running twice.

I held two in-person events – my first go at running in-person events as I’ve built my business online! They created a huge impact and I’m pleased I was courageous enough to organise them.

Jo hosting event

My revenue was £30,000 higher than last year. I put that down to showing up and being more consistent, seeking help, gaining brilliant client case studies and raising my prices.

This is revenue, not profit. I spend a lot of money on myself and my business.

For me, this is not a show-offy ‘here’s how much money I made’ thing. I have no desire to compare to anyone else. It’s a personal marker of my business growing, reaching more people, and creating more impact.

  • TEAM

I love having two trusted team members. Jo my VA who’s worked with me for a long time now and champions me.

And Nicole, my Social Media Manager, who gets me and my business and has built a beautiful brand out of my new branding.


My three highlights of this year are it’s been:

  1. A year of growth.
  2. A year of support.
  3. A year of incredible client wins.

My three significant challenges are:

  1. I’ve built a business that relies on my personal energy rather than my systems and processes.
  2. I take on too much responsibility for others.
  3. I still do a lot myself in my business and I need to start delegating more.

I incorporated my company Joanna Lott Coaching Ltd this year (up until this point I’ve been a sole trader.

I renewed my ICF ACC accreditation for a further 3 years.


It’s been hard working from home as there is very little disconnect to tell me that ‘I’m off duty now’. I am looking into a co-working space for 2024 or some sort of routine to tell me to stop working!

I take on too much responsibility for others. I’m an empath. This is hard energy wise and I need to manage this through systems and processes.

I stalled on launching my group programme, The Business of Group Coaching. This goes back to a fear of launching something new as I found it exhausting when I first launched my core programme The Business of Coaching in September 2021.

I didn’t manage my time as well as I wanted to.

I want to prioritise my friends and family more. I enjoy my work so much that I haven’t created space to arrange fun things with others. I want to do this more in 2024 especially as my kids are growing up so fast and I have a wonderful husband who deserves my time.


My priority is to put my family at the heart of everything I do.

To pin up: “If I’m saying yes to this, what am I saying no to?”

Because sometimes my mission comes at the expense of being present in the moment.

To continue to build my team, systems and processes to create a sustainable business which can help more people.

To launch my Group Coaching Blueprint programme in Q1.

Jo with her family



I’ve chosen a personal and business value/word of the year.

Personal – Championing (both me them, and them me).

Business – CEO – Ask myself: “What would Fabienne do?” (Who is my female CEO role model!).


It’s been a huge year of growth but it’s also a pivotal time for me where I’m asking myself:

How big do I want to grow this business?

One part of me has a huge mission and vision to inspire and empower more women to make money around their families.

And the other part needs to ensure that I build this in a way that isn’t at the expense of myself and my family.

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