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Annual Review for 2020 – The year I dared to believe

jo lott annual review 2020. Coaching Business Review

Annual Coaching Business Review 2020

2020 marks the year that I dared to believe that I could be a coach for my career. I was surrounded by limiting beliefs that this was not possible; that I needed to have another job to ensure that I bring in an income.

Covid hit in March 2020 and I no longer had to hear those voices. I listened to myself for the first time in my life and dared to believe it was possible for me.

What Am I Proud of in 2020?

I chose my first ever word of the year ‘Connection‘. I had so little like-minded support around me so that was what I was aiming for in 2020.

Three key things happened this year which helped me to stop and listen to my own intuition:

  1. I first practiced regular meditation thanks to my friend Sarah Symonds inviting me to be part of Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge. I’ve meditated daily ever since.
  2. I undertook a 6-week Positive Intelligence ‘mental fitness’ programme.
  3. I first started a miracle morning routine thanks to Sarah Cooper talking about it with such enthusiasm on LinkedIn. I have continued my morning routine ever since.

On 1 January 2020 I set myself these goals:

  1. Winter
  • Yoga for 365 days
  • Coaching at least once a week
  • Work on myself
  • Finish ILM assignments
  • Submit ILM audio
  1. Spring
  • Go to flexibility yoga workshop
  • Market my business
  • Update my LinkedIn
  • Create a meta learning plan for coaching
  • Introduce special time with the kids
  1. Summer
  • Have some paying clients
  • Have a detailed plan as to my business future
  1. Autumn
  • Have an established coaching business and feel confident in saying that
  • Have quit my jobs to focus on my future career
  • Feel confident in saying ‘I am enough’.

It was the first time I’d ever set goals so it was pretty amazing to notice my progress as it felt very slow and I probably wouldn’t have noticed any movement without this.

I’m proud that I passed my ILM L7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring this year.

This training brought up so many anxieties that I saw a counsellor for the first time in my life. To be honest we only had four sessions and she wasn’t particularly kind though did help me see some of the things I’d thought were ‘normal’ that were traumatic.

Some More of My Coaching Business Review…..

I’m exceptionally proud that I quit my coach admin job and school clerk job.

I’d taken these on to give me some income close to home at the time I was building my courage to quit my main London HR role. Quitting was so hard and my husband talked me into it endlessly. I was worried about letting people down that I felt sick. When I took the free Positive Intelligence saboteur assessment and rated 10/10 a ‘pleaser’, I realised the only reason I wasn’t quitting these jobs was because I didn’t want to let people down. Instead, I was just letting myself down.

This is the best thing I’ve ever done in my career. Having the courage to believe in myself and not have a fall-back plan. This HAS TO WORK! Perhaps this is not the sensible route though I don’t believe my business would have come about if I hadn’t taken this risk. Disclaimer – this does not mean you should do the same and we all have our own circumstances.

I held my first Women’s Workshop.

I’d carried around a belief that I couldn’t do something like that. I was paired up with two wonderful coaches, Delphine and Rob, as we were all starting our coaching businesses, and Delphine challenged me to do it. I am so grateful as this is when I discovered the power and vulnerability in a group setting that I am crazy about.

I’m proud I got my first paying client this year.

My gosh, I never thought the time would come. I spent so long worrying about my niche and just couldn’t get there. The one thing I did know about was imposter syndrome as I felt it acutely through my coach training, so I wrote an article on it. A wonderful lady saw it and used my Calendly account on my website to book in! I couldn’t do the time she requested (I didn’t take the time to set it up right as I genuinely didn’t think anyone would ever click on it). After an anxious week’s wait after our discovery call, she confirmed that she wanted to go ahead with 6 sessions. I’m immensely proud of her and the results she got through our coaching. She overcame imposter syndrome and I did too.

Social Media

I’m proud that I overcame my extreme anxiety to use LinkedIn and other social media to market my business. This felt so intense at the time and Helen Pritchard’s 5-day LinkedIn challenge was fabulous although it took a good 3 months after the challenge to actually do the thing.

I’ve read 20 books this year:

  1. Thinking Fast & Slow
  2. A Yogis guide to Joy
  3. Coactive Coaching
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life
  5. Start Now, Get Perfect Later
  6. Outcome Coaching
  7. Why losing your job could be the best thing to ever happen to you
  8. Self Compassion
  9. The Power of Showing Up
  10. The Sleepover
  11. Content DNA
  12. I am enough
  13. Comparison Cure
  14. How Yoga Works
  15. What Color is Your Parachute
  16. Influence
  17. Punch Above
  18. Black Box Thinking
  19. Mindset
  20. How to win friends and influence people

What Could Have Been Even Better and What Did I Learn?

I have done no less than 20 free 5-day challenges and webinars. It was inspiring and exhausting all at the same time. The overwhelm was real and I rarely managed to put the information into practice. It was a lonely road and I wish I’d invested in myself by being part of something. To realise that I am worthy of investing and believing in myself.

It would have also helped me to achieve my other goal ‘I’ll have built new relationships with like minded people’. I would like to have made this more of a priority instead of hiding behind social media and free business building events.

I wrote this insert in January 2020:

‘By the end of 2020 I will feel strong physically. No more aches and pains of feeling old. I’ll feel well oiled in my joints and flexible. I’ll eat loads of healthy food that create vitality and energy to fulfil my goals’. I achieved some of this through my daily yoga which I instigated in 2020. There is always more to do as I am a sugar and wine addict so still working on the second part of this statement!

I spent a huge proportion of this year working on my coaching with my wonderful coach mentor Nick Harris MCC. What learned that this was essential and that my coaching can be improved and reflected on by really feeling into that whole person, their energy, and where they come alive. I was so anxious in coaching sessions that I spent a lot of time in my own head rather than being 100% present and having access to my intuition and natural curiosity.

What Are My Priorities for 2021?

To gain testimonials for my work by creating true transformation in coaching. I have two testimonials from 2020 and I would love to have more people saying I have made a difference to them.

My 2021 intentions are:

  • To be a success so I make a massive difference
  • To have the freedom to do what I want
  • To feel ease and flow in all that I do and listen to my intuition

Family – currently 7/10 I am often so busy doing my work that I find it hard to spend quality time with my family. I want to instigate better boundaries and protected special time with the kids.

Joy – currently 8/10 I feel very happy and joyful a lot. I am very grateful and want this to continue into 2021.

Life purpose and fulfilment – currently 7/10 I am really finding my purpose but still need to find my tribe of people who want me to support them. I will be concentrating on this through an online programme to create my own group programme in 2021.

Relaxation – currently 5/10 I find it hard to give myself time in the evenings to relax. I will start by dedicating two evenings to watch a movie or read a book.

Health – currently 6/10 I feel quite tired most of the time. This is probably stress as I don’t switch off often. I can improve this by more me time and healthy meals/exercise.

Career – currently 6/10 I am getting on the right path and need to streamline my projects and aims

Money and finances – currently 4/10 I’m excited to get back onto earning decent money this year. I will set up a Starling business account and learn to create different pots.

Friends – currently 6/10 I don’t have many friends I truly align with on a deep level. I’d like to develop some closer likeminded relationships in 2021.

Final Thoughts

This has been the year I dared to believe. To have someone pay me for coaching and get the result she wanted was amazing. It’s been stressful and I haven’t always been as present as I wanted as I’ve invested so much time learning about business and coaching.

I’m excited for 2021 to be the year I have space to think. To have consistency with my brand and to learn storytelling. I’d like to be open in terms of accepting help. Also, I want to create helpful ‘lead magnets’ so people gain value from being part of my world.

Thank you for reading my 2020 Coaching Business Review. You can now catch up on my 2021, 2022 and 2023 reviews below if you want to follow my whole business trajectory.

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