Ainsley discovered her niche and secured several streams of income

Here's Ainsley Keller who empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience through her coaching services

Ainsley Keller: Empowering Stepparents for a Balanced Life

Ainsley Keller empowers stepparents and future stepparents to take control of their experience so they can create a balanced life, healthy & respectful relationships, and a happy home. We worked together from March to November 2023.

Where were you before the programme?

I don’t think I’d wrapped my head around the fact that I was leaving the corporate world to start my own business. I felt like I was leaving the corporate world to become a coach. And I assumed that I had this big network and all this experience and qualifications. I didn’t think through what that would mean. I just assumed I would start having clients and, you know, one thing would lead to another. It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed more support. I needed help because it just wasn’t working. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was spending loads of time doing all the things – writing a website, trying to find clients, and talking about the power of coaching and felt like no one was listening. I came across Jo on Linkedin and joined one of her free webinars. I was so excited she was speaking my language and telling me that there were tools, techniques, and support available for people like me. Before I just felt that I was floundering. So meeting Jo was such an important shift in my coaching business trajectory.

What were the most important frameworks or elements of the programme for you?

The first big pig picture exercise was a profound experience for me. I was focusing on career and leadership coaching and felt like I was one of many and I was having a hard time finding where I could make my mark. So I went through the exercise and I was actually shocked when I made the connection with step parenting. I hadn’t connected with the label of being a step parent. I had been in my stepchildren’s lives for eight years at the time and just sort of counted myself as like a helpful person in their world but hadn’t really connected that that was such a big part of who I am. And so it was not only a profound personal experience, but then I got really excited about the opportunity that connection would present for my coaching and the impact I could make in this reasonably focused group of individuals and how I could really make a difference for them and their families. But Jo also challenged me to create that hook and the language to really think about who my ideal client was and how I should be speaking to them, what value I offer them, and what outcomes can we accomplish. Beyond that of finding ‘clarity’ which us coaches know is profound but most people weren’t responding to that language. Once I had that foundation to then really start thinking about the various aspects that go into running a successful business including providing a great service to the client, not only in terms of ensuring that they’re getting a great outcome but also what does that client experience and client journey look like.

What was the result for you?

I have so much work which is awesome! I have clients in my own step parenting business. I gained an opportunity as the stepparent expert on another platform recommended by you. I’ve achieved my ACC Accreditation which was important to me and I gained more work as an associate to give me a depth of experience and consistent revenue whilst I built my business. I’m starting to create a following and some buzz around the step parenting space. I’m talking on podcasts and doing Facebook lives. I’ve nailed my niche, built my programme, my website, and learnt how to build out my marketing, I found more confidence. I’m aware of how to build a business and I can see the future of the business from this foundation. I’ve also met some amazing people. I have an accountability partner who I met through the programme. I have a number of friends and we WhatsApp and meet to support each other, and have done work together. The network I’ve built extends beyond the programme which is brilliant.

What was your experience of working with me like?

It was amazing. You’re such a champion for all of us and you’re so open and honest with your sharing. You’ve been through this journey as well and you are clearly making a huge success of it. It’s inspiring to be sort of following in your footsteps, but also, any question that we have, you’re happy to answer from either your personal experience or from your masterminds. I really appreciated your true commitment to supporting us and supporting our businesses. Not only are there all of the online resources which I’m still using and referring back to, but the weekly group calls coming together and refocussing on what’s going on in the business. Knowing that you’re just the end of an email or message. I miss being part of that and always think to myself – oh, I’m just going to send that to Jo. You welcome that with open arms and that means so much, and it was amazing to see how quickly you got back. So having the structure in place to support us but knowing that I’d get help or get something reviewed whenever I was stuck on something and you were more than happy to, not only answer the question but answer it and then offer an additional challenge or point that helps take that work that one step further.

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

I think there were two things. 1. Really connecting with my passion around step-parenting. 2. Thinking about my business as a business. Prioritising the business activities that are most important to propel me forward. You’re often in my head as I’m going through my day to remind me of where I should be focusing my attention.

What’s next for you?

Well, I’m excited to be putting my plan in motion for this year! Carrying on for at least the first part of the year in my two associate roles and especially excited to get my heels into the work around step-parenting. I aim to book more podcasts and more focused marketing activities in my niche. I’m aiming to launch a group program and I’m listening to your advice and I’m not going to overthink it and I’m going to allow it to evolve and start somewhere.

Who would you recommend the programme to?

Any coach who wants to create a profitable business! Get the love and support you need to make it happen. If you’d like my help to make a difference AND make a living you can learn more about how I can help you here.




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