3 Ways to Create Highly Converting Testimonials

It sucks…
You know you can help masses of people, yet you’re not gaining the traction you deserve.
Maybe you’re thinking it will get better when you gain more testimonials. And it’s true.
Potential clients won’t buy from you unless they trust you. There are several ways you can gain their trust, but the best is through testimonial marketing.
Here’s the thing:
If you’ve done any coaching at all, I can guarantee that you already have more testimonials than you think.
In this article, I’ll walk you through 3 Ways to Gain Highly Converting Testimonials that work in the 2022 marketing landscape.
Here’s how to use testimonials to stand out in 2022 marketing, even if you’re thinking “but noone wants anyone to know I’ve had coaching!”
I’ll share 3 ways you can collect testimonials to generate more enquiries for your coaching.  
These ways have seen me gain 10 enquiries in a couple of weeks. This means lots more wonderful clients and ultimately more coaching going out into the world.
This is of no surprise when 54.7% of people find at least 4 reviews before they sign up to something (source Oberlo).
But I know it’s easy to let this slip to the bottom of the list.
It’s also easy to think ‘But no one will give me testimonials – they don’t want anyone to know they’ve had coaching!’.
I hear you.
Here are 3 ways you can do to get started and gain more enquiries for your coaching:  
1) Share micro wins to boost credibility
People are sceptical especially when it comes to spending their money.
They’re looking for proof that this works.
This can often feel uncomfortable as a coach. You can support a client but ultimately their results will be down to them and the actions they take.
But let’s think about your potential client out there prior to receiving your wonderful coaching:
  • “It’s just the way it is”
  • “This will never work for me”
  • “I’m not good enough; smart enough; confident enough, young enough”
You know the drill.
It’s important for them to see that others ‘just like them’ have been supported to achieve the result they want. If you want to see how I’ve done this you can do so here
Here’s how to get started
If you receive emails or messages about the impact throughout the coaching, take a picture of it on your phone. Anonymise it and ask your client if they mind you using it in your marketing, explaining that it will massively help you and future clients.
Seeing real images using your clients’ own words will have a huge impact on potential clients.
These images are SO much more powerful than you creating and typing something nice they’ve said on a pretty Canva post.
2) Strike while the irons hot
Don’t wait until the end of a coaching engagement to ask for feedback. Ask them regularly throughout the coaching, especially after a win.
If you wait too long, they can forget that the session had anything to do with this miraculous shift!
Plus life is full of ups and downs. If you’re not quick enough at celebrating their achievement it can feel a little awkward to do it a few weeks later when they’re ‘down’…
Oh the rollercoaster of life. 🙈
Here’s how to get started:
Create an email or google form to send to your coachees often throughout your period of working together.
Rather than focus on how helpful you’ve been you’d want to focus on your coachees transformation. Just 3-4 questions like:
  • Where you were before the coaching?
  • Why you signed up and if you had any worries about joining?
  • What has been the main outcome for you?
  • What would you say to anyone considering signing up?
This will give you material to:
  1. improve your coaching
  2. take photos of real feedback
  3. write compelling case studies
3) Powerful Case Studies
Talking of case studies, whether or not your client wants to be ‘identified’ in your marketing you can still either invite them on a call to talk through their experience of coaching so you can write up a case study (even if it has to be anonymous).
Weaving a testimonial into a powerful story can make it rich in your marketing.
Clearly, if they’re happy for you to record the call and use it as a video testimonial that is the GOLD of all testimonials.
Just to give you an idea of a scale for how powerful each type of testimonial is, I’d go with:
10 Points – Video
7 Points – Words and Photo
5 Points – Anonymous Testimonial
People love to see a ‘real’ person speak about their experience.
Here’s how to get started:
Invite your coachee on a call to talk about their experience of working with you. This can also be done via a google form:
  • The problem they were experiencing before
  • The impact of that on their life.
  • What their ultimate goal was from the coaching.
  • What the impact of that would be on their life.
  • The actions they took and the results which followed – drill down to the specifics.
  • How they’d describe working together.
  • Their biggest takeaway.
  • What they’d say to someone considering signing up
So there you have it. More testimonials. Richer testimonials. Presented in a way that prompts people to take action.
Leading to more sales for you and more people experiencing the life-changing journey of coaching.
I’d love to hear if you do any of these, or are going to take action and do some of these, so drop me a message to let me know!
Get the love and support you need to make it happen
If you’d like my help to implement this so you make a difference, AND make a living, you can learn more about how I can help you here.




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